Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to invite you to the International Forum on “Travel and Adventure Medicine of Asia” (TAMASIA). This forum is meant to broaden the knowledge of travel medicine as part of preventive medicine and to equip participants with skills of risk management and pre-travel consultation for Asian travelers.

Asian travelers are increasing globally, not only to popular tourist destinations but also to emerging exotic areas and even more adventurous travel to new destinations. Intraregional travel are also important since many Asian people from more developed countries often visit less developed countries in Asia for various purposes.  Health issues among Asian travelers has not received much attention. Data on health problems and illness during travel are limited. Moreover, travel medicine clinic providing pre-travel consultation is not available in many Asian countries.

Formally, this event is linked to the Asia-Pacific Travel Health Society (APTHS) and members of APTHS are invited to come as well as other health professionals who are interested in travel medicine. In particular, TAMASIA is suitable if you are:

  • Travel Medicine Practitioners
  • Health Port Medical Officers
  • General Physicians or Family Doctors
  • Primary Care Physicians/ Community Health Centers
  • Occupational Health Physicians
  • Maritime Medicine Physicians
  • Aviation Medicine Physicians
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